Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Puttin' in work

1 hour of spin and 1 hour of body pump. Down 3.4lbs. 6 more to go. I got this! :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Detox + Diet

Diet + detox with nothing but fruits and veggies. Surprisingly I didn't gain any weight but I'm not happy with it (124.4lbs) since my stomach is huge and a double chin is appearing lol! Before Hawaii, I was 115lbs and haven't been able to lose the stubborn lbs I've gained. But I guess I wasn't trying hard enough either lol. I haven't stopped eating poorly since then due to all the holiday foods. So hard to resist! Glad to know I haven't gained more!

I bought this from whole foods as part of detoxing. It claims to flush away toxins, supercharge your energy level, and reduce bloating and water retention.

It comes in 3 convenient packets and lets you know exactly when to take it.

More details. I normally do a cleanse 2 times a year after summer and after winter but I guess I'm starting earlier this year haha! I usually use the one Trader Joe's carries but the pills are HUGE and you have to take so many at once so I opted to try something else. After a day, I've lost 2.2lbs which I'm sure is just water and waste (sorry if it's tmi lol!) but it's a nice jump start to get bak on track! Beginning my day with a run at the gym in a bit. Happy Tuesday!

One more and I'm up to date

This past weekend I went to Vegas with the bf, sister, and her bf just to eat, play slots, and walk around. I wanted to relax and hang out since all the past Vegas trips were mostly spent on getting ready to go to pool parties and later clubs. Hardly any gluttony involved. Not this trip... Lol

Our view of the strip from our room at Treasure Island. We also went for the bf's bday. We arrived like at 1 am. We were supposed to leave earlier but 1. My sis wasn't home! And 2. She didn't pack! Gahh lil sisters! Anyway, we were all super starved and head Earl of Sandwich was 24 hours so we walked on over to Planet Hollywood. I've always heard so much about this place and was so excited to try it!

I love the wrapping!

I got the Earl of Sandwich which was just turkey, lettuce, tomato, bacon and cheese. It was good but then I tried the holiday one (turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and cheese) and the tuna melt and LOVED those! Especially the tuna melt! That one was so good my sis went back the 2nd night for another lol.

I had to have dessert but this was just okay. It was just yellow cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles. A little dry so I pretty much ate all of the top layer lol! The next day we went to our first buffet using our 24 buffet pass.

Paris buffet! The breakfast part.

Prime rib, roast beef, chicken, and lots of yummy veggies!

Banana, nutella, and candied hazelnut crepe with a Belgian waffle and strawberries.

Just a few cause I was saving up for dessert :p

I'm a pig when it comes to sweets!

What I really wanted- an Eiffel Tower filled with strawberry margarita.

My dorky sister. We spent the afternoon walking down to M&M world and everything in between. For me it was horrible. It was cold, I was overstuffed, and because it was cold I drank only half of the margarita. So I had to carry that heavy thing around! By the time we got back to our hotel around 6 we all knocked out and napped from exhaustion and food coma lol. We all woke up two hours later for MORE food at the Rio World Buffet.

Prime rib again! And those are sweet mashed potatoes on the bottom right hehe.

More crabs and fried scallop, shrimps, onion ring, and clams. I didn't get to take pics of anymore food cause I had to eat what I want as fast as I could. The bday boy decided to get really messed up and wasn't feeling well. *rolls eyes* that ended my fun for the night and back to the room we went by 11pm! It's okay though cause I got some slot playing time lol. I really didn't gamble more than $25 all weekend cause I'm a chicken lol!

Our last day we spent eating at Planet Hollywood's Spice Market Buffet. A hodgepodge of random seafood and a few veggies.

Prime rib, pasta, tiny drumsticks, something similar to lasagna and mashed potatoes. The best prime rib I had from the three buffets! I wasn't as hungry as all the other times so that summed up most of what I ate.

The cool thing is they had cotton candy!

Look at that creeper!

My sis is weird

After that we headed back home but stopped by Alien Jerky. I was ready to start my detox on Monday so I skipped the jerky and bought a bunch of flavored soda lol!

This was surprisingly good! And it did taste like chocolate but was light. One more stop at Barstow for restroom break, Popeye's, and ice cream :)

After all this, I started over Monday with eating healthy again. *side note*

I'm obsessed with pirates ever since I first knew about them from the Pirates of Caribbean ride from Disneyland. The bf surprised me with this giant mug from the gift shop at Treasure Island after playing the slots. I thought it was glass but it's okay cause I tend to break anything glass anyway lol.

Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year's Weekend in SF

I wanted to get away from the same old OC crowd for the new year. Conveniently Giang and her BFF were going to San Francisco, so I tagged along (thanks ladies for allowing me to join you for all the crazy festivities!). All my friends back at home were going to a rave so I did NOT want to be caught dead doing that. Here are random pics from the weekend from my phone.

My texting gloves that I bought for SF and ended up forgetting them of course...

Giant Mexican candy! I ate this in two days lol!

Road trip with the bf.

I missed brunch with the ladies and their bf's so the bf and I grabbed lunch at some small place called Papito. Different salsas all so tasty!

A burger with fries that were basically just slices of a potato. It was all so delicious! The meat was juicy!

After meeting up with them, we went to Twin Peaks and then Fisherman's Wharf. There, we got yummy warm filling clam chowder!

After walking around Fisherman's Wharf for a few hours, we went to Mitchell's separately (not by choice but due to mapquest leading us in different directions lol). They had so many exotic flavors! I wish I could have tried them all. I ended up with macapuno (coconut) and ube (taro). So delicious!! It was so creamy and flavorful! I wish OC had a Mitchell's. The bf got halo halo flavor. It tasted like halo halo haha!

We checked into our nice hotel at the Baylanding Hotel. After getting ready for two hours, we met up everyone for some predrinking and then partying to ring in the new year.

Who wore it better? Lol jk!

Drunkenness lol


When I'm buzzed my eyes get bloodshot gahh!

Mine and Thuyle's heels. May hers rest in peace! They were left in the taxi can =\

Where we rang in the new year. It was so nice! I kept saying I felt like I was in Greece LOL!

We're so buzzed lol!

The bf and I

With Thuyle's bf Kevin

All of the boys with Hieu

Dancing the night away

The bf took this pic and that's the face I give him puhahaha

The day after lol. We met up for bruch.

Pastrami sandwich. Mouthwatering goodness!

On to Bi-Rite ice cream. Such a long line that wrapped around the corner!

So many flavors! I ended up with salted caramel which was just heavenly!

We went to Union Square and took the trolley down to the Wharf and walked to Lombard St. Such a workout walking up a steep hill!

Something random I saw at the top of Lombard St. After all that exercise, we were starved and went to Chabaa Thai Cuisine.

So cute how they made the straw paper into a rose for the Thai tea!


Duck fried rice

Pad see yoo (I've seen so many diff spellings so just ignore the misspelling of mine lol).

We walked around Union Square after. On to the last day. We met for brunch and then was on our way home.

I stopped by a subdivision of Petco (by Petco but not Petco) and saw these cute shoes! I would have gotten them for my dogs but they chew up shoes I buy them lol.

We went to eat at Banana Island

I forgot the name of this but it's basically like Indian naan but more like and flaky with a side of coconut curry. I loved it!!

Spicy chicken wings

Spicy beef



I liked how this looked like a rose lol! After half way home, the bf and I stopped by Harris Ranch for dinner and to take a break.

Split pea soup

Tri tip blue cheese flatbread

Pot roast with mashed potatoes and veggies. This place is so good! I've stopped by there on 2 other occasions with my dad. That sums up my mini vacation to SF for the weekend to ring in the new year. So many good food eaten, lots of pictures taken (more on camera), and most of all memories made that will never be forgotten. So many laughs to be had!